IoT and Smart Web Devices

Digital is everywhere: mobile, smartwatchs, smart TVs, sensors, even in computers.

The right technical solution can improve performance in all kind of business, from media publishers to farms and agribusiness.

We help people discover and apply technologies that solve real business problems and improve results.

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Power of IoT Solutions

Use all capabilities of IoT technologies and bring a much more data and automation to your process and production. Through our cloud IoT API you can integrate with your systems and data lakes using any application in a safe and high performatic mode.
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drift digital
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Improve your digital presence

Do you have digital transformation challenges, with complex business needs to run? You will take advantage on using Drift solutions for Digital Publishing Transformation. Make your company fully digital ready connecting systems and digital presence using our ready to run platform.
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pulse midia
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Digital Content Distribution

Get the best of Pulse Midia on CMS, API, Mobile App ou Web App flavor. Our platform oriented to improve performance and delivery the better digital content distribution will allow your business experience huge digital growth in different channels, such as Facebook, Google AMP, Mobile Apps and PWA.
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